BusyB New Digs

BusyB now has a full time grooming service.

We offer everything from a bath brush and go to a full groom. 

Contact us for details or book an appointment.


BusyB have moved...

We have exciting new premises with a shiny new daycare center and a community pet shop. local traders from around hampshire stock there handmade products. One of a kind products to pamper your little furry friend. 

Pop down and say Hi

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  • BusyB now stock Natural Instinct, Poppys Picnic, Utterly Rawsome and Hunters Choice. 

    Pop on into our shop to check out the full range of flavour.

    Doggy bakery right here at BusyB!

    - Our dogs love going for a walk along the seafront (us too) and i bet your pooch does too! Thats why we locally stock BusyB's very own biscuits down at the coffee cup.

    Eastney esplanade, southsea, PO49GE

    I mean a coffee and a cake for you is ideal but what about your little friend? They've got to want a snack after all that walking! That's why BusyB decided to partner up with coffee cup and spread happiness all along the sea front.

    - We are also partnered up with marina bar, cocos chocolate boutique.

    Marina's southsea, Fort cumberland rd PO49RJ

    24 Marmion rd, southsea, PO52BA (cocos)



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    BusyB have collected a few ways to prevent your doggies from being bored at home, for example if you pop to the shop or head out for dinner. Here's a few ways of keeping your pooch occupied.. 

    1. Giving your dog a good walk before you go out always helps! (the right amount of exercise) Making your dog tired before going out is a great way of making your dog sleep through the time you are out and about.

    2. Fun new toys! The old toys may be a fave of theirs but some old toys do get boring, do a clean out! Buying your dog a new toy to play with is a great idea. Not only is it fun to play with it's great to chew on - a lot better than chewing your furniture i'd say!

    3. A classic kong! - filling a kong with some tasty treats is another great way of keeping your dog occupied. Preferably treats that are good for the dog, you could try some chicken, cheese even peanut butter. Sticky foods like peanut butter seem to be a lot better because it takes the dog a lot longer to retrieve the goods.

    4. Make meal time fun... you could purchase a slow feeder bowl, this is almost like a maze of food! it takes them a lot longer to eat their dinner which is always good, keeping a dogs mind busy is the cure for boredom. Keeping their brain busy is a must but keeping it busy with food.. bonus! they'd love it.

    5. Do any of your family or friends own one of their best pals? why not bring them over? Dogs loooove to socialise so a play date would be perfect, playtime is great for their socialisation but also great to get them tired and ready for a snooze.

    So yes, dogs do get bored just like us. You wouldnt want to be sitting around doing absolutely nothing all day, would you? I know i certainly wouldn't. So here's just a few tips on how to help that.

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    Toxins! 01 February 2017 | Comments (0)

    Doggy Toxins:

    We wouldnt want your little furry friend to get unwell, so here's a helping hand on what not to feed your dog or to leave lying around.

    Once consumed your dog may expierence vomit and diarrehea If matters get worse always book a trip to the vets as it maybe a bigger issue, especially if you dont know how much your companion has eaten.

    So heres a few examples of what not to feed your dog.


    Although this might be a healthy snack for us humans, avocado shouldnt be fed to your furry pal.



    Alot of people would know not to give their dog alcohol but alcohol poisoning is more common than you think! We dont mean your dog will be going in to your fridge and grabbing a beer, it can be as simple as them getting ahold of unbaked doug for example the yeast can result in alcohol poisoning.


    Caffine can be found in anything like coffee, tea, energy drinks etc. Caffine can actually cause death in dogs and cats. It effects all animals but dogs and cats seem to be the most reactive to it.



    Chocolate seems to be the one everyone is aware about which is a good sign! The odd chocolate chip in a cookie wouldnt be an issue. However dark chocolate is the bigger problem. Also if your dog consumes a load of chocolate then that also would be a worry.


    Grapes, Raisins & currants:

    All of these healthy lovely snacks for humans are very toxic to dogs! Consumption of these can result in to small kidney problems.


    Mushrooms & Onions:

    Both can cause diarrhea and sickness, weakness resulting in collapsing. Certain breeds are more sensitive but it effects all.




    If you're not sure if your dog can eat a certain food - google it! Theres plenty of helpful websites that can help you. You can always ask your local vet too!

    BusyB  x



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